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Squirrels may be cute to look at, but they are not so cute when they are creating havoc in your home and in your yard. Learn how to get rid of those pesky squirrels for good with these quick tips.
Using a squirrel trap to rid your lawn or backyard of squirrels is an easy task if you purchase the right kind of squirrel trapping. Although a lot would prefer to hire professional to stop a squirrel invasion, you can easily do so with the squirrel traps as long as you follow its installation instructions to the letter. Aside from saving your backyard from a squirrel invasion, these traps can also help you save a lot of money on lawn restoration and pest control professional fees.

Behind a cute little fluffy creature, squirrels can cause problems for some homeowners. Squirrels eat and ruin bird feeders, and they will eat nuts and fruit from trees. They can eat from home made gardens and ruin vegetable and fruit plants. Not only can squirrels keep gardens in disarray, but they can also enter our homes and invade attics. There is an answer to these pesky creatures. Squirrel repellents can be used to deter and rid our private areas from pests.
Squirrels can present quite a problem for homeowners. They are loud, destructive, and, unfortunately, can be difficult to evict from homes and attics. Squirrels will not only invade homes, but will also eat hundreds of dollars in bird seed from bird feeders. However, there are a few easy steps that will teach homeowners how to get rid of squirrels.

Why buy squirrel traps?
Animal traps come in all shapes and sizes. Most people want to try to keep the animal from suffering any physical or emotion trauma so they prefer to use a humane style. These types of traps are most often a cage with a trap door. You place the appropriate bait inside , set it where you have seen the animal, then wait for it to trip the door and be confined. You can then call a wildlife officer to remove the animal.

A common trap to catch raccoons and similar sized animals, is made of a durable wire mesh. They usually have spring loaded front door to hold strong animals. The rear doors are usually constructed so they can be used with a transfer cage, when the animal is ready to be released.

For feral or wild cats, the type of cage most normally used is about the same as for a raccoon. To set a cat trap, you should place it where the cat normally eats. Place it there about one hour before the animal usually shows up to eat, if you have been feeding it regularly. If not, set the cage out about an hour before dark. If you do catch a cat in an animal trap, you will need to call the SPCA or humane society to pick it up as soon as possible, so it's not exposed to long hours in the sun, rain, etc.

Although some of us think of squirrels as cute, they can be a real nuisance to home owners if they get into your house. The best type of animal trap for catching squirrels, is one made from strong wire mesh. Squirrels can chew through quite thick materials, as they have sharp teeth, so the stronger the cage, the better. Most squirrel traps have a rear release door, so you can remove the animal without hurting it.

Make your own squirrel traps
For those who want to humanely catch a squirrel, the live trap is the excellent choice for you. It is much better to create and design your own trap if you want to get more savings. Squirrels are adorable creatures but if they start to destroy your crops, feed on your pet's food, or damage your house wiring, then it is definitely a different story. Since building a homemade squirrel trap is a fairly easy process, prior experience is not really necessary. With a touch of creativity and a little know-how, you can already come up with an effective and functional trap.

First, you have to devise a trap design. Putting your ideas into writing will help you to decide on what kind of trap will be most convenient for you. Aside from that, it is much convenient to visualize things when you have an outline. As much as possible, you have to keep things simple so that the trap will be much easier to create. Next thing to do is to gather all the needed equipments. You can utilize the available items at home like steel mesh wires, rods, boxes, tie wires, and some hand tools. Basically, the materials you require will depend on your preference.

You also have to scour online resources to find a detailed and step-by-step guide on how to make a functional trap. There are dozen of sites offering a well-outlined step on how to make one. In fact, some even include an actual video of making the trap.

Before you commence with the building phase, you have to determine the number of squirrels that you need to trap. If you think you will have to capture more, it is necessary to create a bigger trap. Ascertain that your squirrel trap will be properly constructed to ensure that the trapped squirrels won't be able to escape.